Associated Builders and Contractors

Brand Refresh

Upon joining the ABC team, it became very clear that membership staff was struggling with ways to communicate effectively to target audiences. This is, in part, due to Western Washington demographics. The organization as a whole (over 70 chapters) was founded on a philosophy that construction work should be awarded to the most qualified bidder regardless of whether or not that company is unionized. This is called the Merit Shop Philosophy.


The main problem was that the public's perception of Merit Shop meant that ABC was somehow "anti-union" and therefore, against companies that unionize. This perception is not only incorrect but very problematic for our chapter.  ABC of Western Washington actually has both union and non-union members. To be quite clear though, other ABC chapters across the country tend to lean a bit more on "right" and non-union side of construction industry issues which strengthens that negative perception. 


I suggested that we consider refreshing our brand and public image so that it is more aligned with Western Washington audiences. This is an ongoing project but the following presentation is where we currently are in that process. I have been managing this project from the start and will continue to do so as long as I am with ABC.


The following deck is a presentation that I created in order to educate our staff and stakeholders about where we were in the rebranding process and why and how they should utilize it.  It is also an education on why we don't have to change our philosophy, but rather, the way we talk about our philosophy in order to fully connect with prospective members. 

ABC-WW Color_Transparent.png