Michelle Dallas

"We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out." - Ray Bradbury


  • Content Strategy 

  • Brand Management

  • Digital Media Management

  • Social Media 

  • Copy Writing 

  • Website Management and Design

  • Organizational Storytelling

  • Marketing Research

  • Grassroots Engagement

  • Project Management

  • Corporate Blogging

  • Content Management Systems

  • Constant Contact

  • Google Analytics 

  • Photoshop

  • Hootsuite​

Keep scrolling to learn more about how I applied my skills to help organizations grow!  

Brand Mangagement

I have experience in re-brand management that was tailored to the specific needs of a chapter, within a larger organization, that lead a clearer identity and new member growth.

Content Strategy

I built strategies around content for the right platform and audience which helped maintain an annual 92% retention rate for a member-based organization. 

Digital Media Management

Achieved 27-30% email open rates of weekly email marketing by segmenting audiences, and creating content focused on advocacy and member events.

Website Design

I have worked with numerous organizations on their website design and content strategy which yielded results in  growth, sponsorship sign-ups, and increased traffic. 

AWard for Excellence

Won Excellence Award for developing outstanding event marketing campaigns for a

non-profit chapter. 


 I can produce quality content for any platform as well as promote organizational updates through blogging, press releases, and articles.    



"I worked alongside Michelle on the Marketing and Communications team at SBI Association Management for roughly two years. She led the content strategy to create a meaningful and positive experience for the members of the non-profit associations we served. This involved creating messaging for the associations’ websites, composing membership communications, designing marketing and event emails, creating e-newsletters, and establishing communication calendars. She excelled in these areas and helped set new standards and best practices that were implemented to further advance the quality of the member experience, and the brand of the associations. Personally, she’s quick-witted and keeps good humor even amid chaos and tension. She is willing to put in hard work because she cares about doing good work. Michelle would be a great asset to any organization, particularly for positions involving communication and content strategy."

—  Katie Berry, Team Manager, SBI Association Management


My life is fueled by the power and beauty of the world around me. When I am not attempting to gaze up at the night sky through a telescope, I enjoy reading thrillers, cooking delicious meals with my husband, entertaining family and friends, and getting outside and doing whatever I can to soak up the Pacific Northwest scenery.


 A few years ago, I realized after joining a startup non-profit management firm, that I wanted to use my communication skills to build thoughtful strategies around the content we use and how we express ideas with digital tools. I desire to work with teams that share my vision for a world that is inclusive, accessible, and strengthened by online spaces rather than hindered by them.